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The benefits of Vitamin A

By Lela Rabie

Vitamin A

Vitamin A; also known as retinol or beta-carotene was the first vitamin to be named, thus the letter A. Preformed Vitamin A is known as retinol because of its importance in vision (retina-part of the eye) and beta-carotene is one of several carotenes (found in mainly orange and yellow vegetables and fruits) which can be converted into Vitamin A in the body and are known as provitamin A, beta-carotene is the one that gives the most Vitamin A.

Top ten health foods for your store cupboard

An edited version of this article, written by Lela, was first published in The South African Journal of Natural Medicine, available in stores nationwide.

Here are ten healthy, easy-to-store basics you can use in all sorts of ways. Stock up, and you’ll be able to create and enjoy delicious dishes with the knowledge that they are providing you with good health from the inside out!

I love food, it’s no secret – ask any of my friends or family! I do know, however, that what I have in my cupboard inevitably influences what ends up on my table, so it makes sense to stock up on healthy staples in order to ensure healthy meals. To this end I’ve come up with ten store-cupboard basics, which are both nutritious and easy to store in bulk.

The Role of Nutrition in Healthy Sexual Function

By Lela Rabie

Sexual Vitality: Sexual Vitality or sex drive can be influenced by a variety of factors in our daily life. Stress, anxiety, poor body-image, excess weight, boredom, hormonal imbalance and even various environmental factors are but a few which can have a detrimental effect on our desire for sex. Nutrition can play a large role in eliminating some of these factors and that is what we will be looking at here.