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Fruit and Vegetables with Most Pesticide Residues - Choose Organic!

Top 15 fruits and vegetables to buy organic!

In late 2011, the Environmental Working Group in the US released a list of fruits and vegetables which were most likely to have high levels of pesticide residues. They analyzed pesticide residue testing data from the US department of Food and Drug administration as well as the US department of Agriculture to come up with a concise list.

Eating with the Seasons

By Lela Rabie

Whether we are aware of it or not, most of us probably eat seasonally to a certain degree by choosing the fruit and vegetables which are most available, and most reasonably priced, at different times of the year. However, consciously choosing to eat seasonally, has many benefits and takes surprisingly little effort!

Organic Food eating with the seasons

Organic Easter

Easter time always brings back fond memories of  an easter egg hunt in the garden as soon as the sun was up, big family lunches and enough chocolate to last a year, except it never did! Having grown up in a largely countryside setting, we were always naturally exposed to an environmentally friendly lifestyle, living close to the Earth and eating healthy and wholesome foods. Organic was not a catchphrase back then and when, as a young adult, I moved to a city environment, I was truly surprised to find that not all foods are created (or manufactured) equal.