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Natural Lip Treatments and Lip Balms

Natural lip treatments and lip balms

As a teenager, I used to scoff at my Moms ‘lotions and potions’ as I called them at the time, petroleum jelly was just fine as lip balm, thank you very much! Besides, one could use it for so many other things such as softening ones cuticles and keeping stray eyebrow hairs in place. Now, with the knowledge that age and experience so kindly bestows upon us, I have realised that making lip balms out of beeswax may be time consuming but it is by far the friendlier option, for ourselves, and for the environment!

Gardening in small spaces

Gardening in small spaces.

gardening in small spaces green walls herb garden vertical

 If you have spent as many hours as I have standing in front of the fruit and veg section in a supermarket, trying to find food which looks and smells like the food from your childhood, then you’ll know why I choose to go organic whenever possible. I dream of my own garden, filled with vegetables bursting with nutrients, glowing with life-energy, butterflies flitting through and ladybirds paying a royal visit. Alas, I lack space, living in a flatlet does not exactly allow one the scope for gardening!

Fruit and Vegetables with Most Pesticide Residues - Choose Organic!

Top 15 fruits and vegetables to buy organic!

In late 2011, the Environmental Working Group in the US released a list of fruits and vegetables which were most likely to have high levels of pesticide residues. They analyzed pesticide residue testing data from the US department of Food and Drug administration as well as the US department of Agriculture to come up with a concise list.