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Petition to ban Agent Orange GM Maize in South Africa

I received the following from Liesl at Biodynamic Agricultural Association of Southern Africa recently:

Mother Theresa said that one should be FOR something, not AGAINST. Consider the quality of the energy when you resist, as opposed to supporting the positive alternative. I got the link in the email copied below from about 25 people over the last 2 days. Consumers are becoming aware and taking action. I would like to share my faith in and excitement about solutions manifesting just beyond our reality. I received an enquiry for 34 tons of organic, non-gmo maize on Monday. Let us support the positive alternative. Let's create GMO-free zones. Like an ink blot on wet paper, it spreads. But it starts with you, the grower and you the consumer.

Great attitude! Petition and article follow below.

Petition to ban Agent Orange GM Maize  in South Africa

Mineral Make Up

Mineral Make-Up, the natural option?

As someone with sensitive skin, I am always interested in products which promise not to disturb its delicate balance. When it comes to make up, foundation especially can be a problem, so much so, that mostly I opt to go without. However, there are those days when one just wants to glam it up a bit, that’s where mineral make up comes in!

Sceletium Tortuosum - A South African Natural High

A South African natural high!

Some time ago, I was going through an intense period of change whilst trying to balance work and family responsibilities and started feeling like this was all getting just a bit too much! As I try as far as possible to keep things fairly natural, I started looking for a herbal or homeopathic anti-depressant, something which would just give me a slight boost to help me keep it all in perspective. Visiting Wellness Warehouse one day, I was given a bottle of sceletium tablets and assured that these were completely herbal, South African and non habit forming. This all sounded good to me, so I decided to give sceletium a try.