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Mineral Make Up

Mineral Make-Up, the natural option?

As someone with sensitive skin, I am always interested in products which promise not to disturb its delicate balance. When it comes to make up, foundation especially can be a problem, so much so, that mostly I opt to go without. However, there are those days when one just wants to glam it up a bit, that’s where mineral make up comes in!

Sceletium Tortuosum - A South African Natural High

A South African natural high!

Some time ago, I was going through an intense period of change whilst trying to balance work and family responsibilities and started feeling like this was all getting just a bit too much! As I try as far as possible to keep things fairly natural, I started looking for a herbal or homeopathic anti-depressant, something which would just give me a slight boost to help me keep it all in perspective. Visiting Wellness Warehouse one day, I was given a bottle of sceletium tablets and assured that these were completely herbal, South African and non habit forming. This all sounded good to me, so I decided to give sceletium a try.

Box Schemes in Cape Town, Gauteng and Kwazulu Natal

Box-schemes in Cape Town and surrounds, Gauteng and Kwazulu Natal.

Part of living a sustainable lifestyle for me means supporting local initiatives which offer seasonal, fresh and organic produce. Over the past few years, quite a few local box schemes have emerged so I’ve listed the ones I know of below: