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Avaaz petition to save the solar revolution

Climate change is accelerating, but there’s a massive ray of hope: clean energy is booming, producing nearly 20% of the world's electricity! Incredibly, the US and EU are threatening to stifle this breakthrough -- but together we can stop them.

In the last decade the Chinese government has invested billions in solar, sending panel prices plummeting and making clean green tech almost as cheap as dirty fossil fuels. But the US and EU, who give billions in taxpayer subsidies to Big Oil and Coal, are about to drive solar prices back up by putting tariffs on China, and now China is threatening to retaliate. A full on trade war is brewing that could kill the crucial green energy revolution.

Eco-friendly Spring Cleaning - Green Cleaning products


We all know about checking for the ingredients in our food or bodycare lotions and potions but how many of us think about looking at what is used to make common household cleaning products? What you use to clean your living environment can have as large an affect on your health as what you eat or put on your body.

Natural repellents for ants, flies and mosquitoes

Herbs for the Home

Information from Andrea at Mai Co.

Do you ever have problems with ants, flies or moquitos, but dread having to use harmful chemicals and sprays? Help is at hand in the form of herbs!


According to the lovely Andrea at Mai Co (find them at solving ones ant problem is a simple matter of brewing up some strong catnip tea, and spraying the area you would like the ants to avoid. This brew will also work as a deterrent for aphids.