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Sacred Earth Heirloom and Organic seeds


Sacred Earth seeds have emerged from the love of nature and nature’s cycles, from the peace, nourishment, bounty and joy that a garden gives!

The love of bio-diversity - variety in the garden and kitchen and life!

The joy of sharing seeds with friends and travellers,

The wonder of sowing a seed and watching as it reveals itself!

Gluten-free goodies at Natural Earth Health Store in Hermanus

Review by Lela Rabie

Earlier this week I had the privilege of having a snack at Natural Earth Health Store in Hermanus. As someone who cannot tolerate gluten, it is always a pleasure to find good gluten-free food!

Owner Nicola Cunningham has definitely got my vote when it comes to gluten-free cooking, I had a toasted feta and spinach muffin, followed by a slice of banana and almond bread, both were delicious!

Consumers win GM labelling victory!

This just in from the African Centre for Biosafety:

Consumers in South Africa have won a hard earned victory with regard
to the labelling of genetically modified (GM) foods. Yesterday, the
Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) published draft amendments to
the regulations governing the labelling of GM food. According to the
draft amendments, all locally produced and imported food containing 5%
or more GM ingredients or components must be labelled as “contains
genetically modified ingredients or components”. The food industry
has to date, taken the view that current GM labelling laws are
ambiguous and do not apply to processed food.