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Organic Choice New Products!


Organic Choice now has available an unique range of 100% natural lip balms which are also VEGAN.

Crazy Rumors uses pure, organic plant waxes like Carnauba Wax and Candelilla Wax, blended with nourishing Shea butter to make stunning lip balms and lip colours! Their products don’t contain any synthetics  - no additives, fillers, artificial colours or fragrances.

New Book! Beautiful Eating, Beautiful Living!


In Beautiful Eating, Beautiful Living author Terri Brokaar offers readers nutritious, simple and delicious recipes and makes suggestions for easy shopping and keeping a well stocked kitchen. With the focus on simplifying the relationship between ourselves and food, the book contains a month of main meal recipes (all in two parts which can be prepared separately or together) as well as recipes for healthy treats and delicious breakfasts.

Sacred Earth Heirloom and Organic seeds


Sacred Earth seeds have emerged from the love of nature and nature’s cycles, from the peace, nourishment, bounty and joy that a garden gives!

The love of bio-diversity - variety in the garden and kitchen and life!

The joy of sharing seeds with friends and travellers,

The wonder of sowing a seed and watching as it reveals itself!