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Pet food - Commercial vs Homemade


 By Andrea from Mai Co, for more information please visit:

Something that we are faced with on a weekly basis by visitors to our stall are the following statements: "Our dog has a terrible skin condition", "Our dog keeps scratching", or "Our Cat has such an itchy skin"! This seems to be to affecting our furry friends increasingly these days.

The Shoporganic Sunburn Survival Guide! Natural solutions for sunburn...


What to do if you’ve run out of Sunumbra sunscreen and left your Hemporium sun hat at home? Well, what happens, is you get sunburnt! I should be way past the age where sunburn should happen to me, I really do know better! However, these past holidays, I found myself a not-so-fetching shade of red after a day spent on the Hermanus Country Market. I had spent most of the day in the shade of a beautiful bluegum tree, only to find out that reflected light can burn one just as easily as direct sunlight!

The Top 5 Products of 2013!

Throughout the year, I receive many products to review and there are always a few which really catch my attention, mostly because they surprise me in one way or another! I keep a list of these products and at the end of November each year, I have the truly difficult task of narrowing these down to my Top 5 for the year.