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Ramblings of an Organic Hair Stylist - The path to glory

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Hi again! Last time we left off with the precarious question: how to go organic. Now we will explore further, focusing on further steps to having natural hair.
Forget negative thoughts about your hair, let’s start fresh and renew the relationship to your hair. List the things that bug you about your hair and nail those one at a time. Dedication! One step at a time, your hair will improve in ways you’ve never imagined as long as you remain faithful to the path.

Ramblings of an Organic Hair Stylist - How to go Organic?

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Hello again! Last time I explained a little about how traditional hair products can be damaging to the hair and your health, also clarifying a bit about the devious ways of the hair industry. In today’s article our subject is more practical – taking the first step to change.
Your first step will be to find yourself a good organic hairstylist, retailer of quality organic hair products and book yourself in for a consult. A good way to find a stylist can be some online research, see if there’s someone in your area you resonate with, or simply put it out there on social media and have a friend recommend someone trustworthy – word of mouth is best!
Whether you’ve decided to go with a personal consult, or make the product call yourself – if you’re shifting from traditional products to organic your experience may be easy free flow, or it may take perseverance. Either way, once you’ve come out to the other side, life and your hair will never be the same again.