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Natural Tick and Flea treatment options continued..

By Andrea Liddell – Mai Co. Find out more here:


Many of us know and will admit to sending our pets scurrying away the minute they see you coming along with your 'little bottle of drops'! And somewhere there is a little voice in your head that says: “he doesn't like this”! So what are the alternatives available to us? Does the natural way really work? How long will it last? And will the natural options also send my pet running for cover??

Pamper Central with Naturalmente!


Earlier this year, just when winter was doing her best to make her presence truly felt, I had the privilege of having a hair make-over with Renee, the team at Gentle Approach Salon and of course the amazing Naturalmente products.

Stellar Organics joins the fun at Platbos forest!


Recently two of the profilers participated in the Reforest fest at the amazing Platbos forest. Stellar was there with their luscious wines and Platbos is home to the wonderful African Tree Essences as well as a 1008-year-old White Milkwood tree!