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GM content in our food, consumer wins and losses, a call to action


A letter from our friends at the ACB. For their direct contact details please see the end of the letter. Let us support them in their efforts to make and keep our food safe and GM free!

Dear Consumer,

For the past four years, the ACB has been submitting a number of products for testing to ascertain their GM content as well as to gauge the extent to which food producers are responding to all your wonderful consumer activism and pressure. This year the ACB re-tested 4 popular maize milled products as well as 16 baby and breakfast cereals.

Catnip for Cats...and Dogs??

mai co Catnip for Cats Dogs

Many of us that are cat lovers have interesting stories to tell of our cats behaviour in the 'presence' of catnip. And many of us think that that is where the story of catnip and its uses begins and ends. However, if we take a closer look at this member of the mint family, we will discover that like most herbs, it can benefit all members of the family...including the dogs!

The Shoporganic Top 5 Organic/Natural products for 2014.

2015 top organic products

Every year we review products for the website and also use many products in our personal capacities, naturally there are always some which stand out and 2014 was no exception. Usually the Shoporganic Top 5 list is given in no particular order, however, this time, I have to single out a number one spot product, as I am so completely in love with it!