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Ramblings of an Organic Hair Stylist - The path to glory

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Hi again! Last time we left off with the precarious question: how to go organic. Now we will explore further, focusing on further steps to having natural hair.
Forget negative thoughts about your hair, let’s start fresh and renew the relationship to your hair. List the things that bug you about your hair and nail those one at a time. Dedication! One step at a time, your hair will improve in ways you’ve never imagined as long as you remain faithful to the path.

Enjoy the transformation, bask in the glory of your natural beauty.
I’d like to pause briefly and share a recent experience. Reading a blog about natural products, a controversial article popped up, the gist of which the authoress explains her endeavor to use only natural beauty products. Even though she had remained faithful to change, this author had eventually thrown in the towel.She explains how her skin continued to break out until she eventually switched back to her regular chemical products. Sadly, even though she had invested much time, energy and money – she’d come out the other side with nothing new. Ok, so does it mean that were you to go natural that your skin, scalp and hair would emerge as ratty and prepubescent? Definitely not. Here’s the truth – in some cases it does turn out that the scalp and skin react - either showing signs of dryness, sensitivity, oiliness or a combination of these, usually during times of stress when the body is out of balance.Our job then is to treat those imbalances as we find ways to more through the block using specific natural treatments. Harsh chemical ingredients prevent the body from expressing itself. If our bodies are a compass, a way to be in touch with our feelings – then following these signs will lead to deep and everlasting healing. Let the healing begin!

Next time I will explain in detail what happens to the hair as it undergoes the miraculous change, like a beautiful butterfly emerging from a cocoon – ‘Your hair under a microscope’.