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Ramblings of an Organic Hair Stylist - Why go Organic?

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Greetings JLast time we ended off with the blonde ladies in the café, I gave you the telltale signs, how to spot non organic hair, now let’s get into what these signs mean. After 8 years of organic styling, the first thing I do is give the hair a feel test and also a smell test – these simple observations can tell me allot.

Silicone buildup prevents the hair from taking in moisture–a buildup of siliconecan result in an uneven curl, frizz and even hair breakage. It causes the hair to have an unnatural shine, like a Barbie dolls hair which is entirely synthetic.

All these nasty chemicals in your hair products add up, causing the above mentioned, as well as hair loss, a weakened olfactory organ and a myriad of practical and financial implications that can completely be eradicated with one simple decision – to go natural.

So now that we’ve had a look at the basics of why to go natural for your body, here are some reasons to go natural for the environment – after all we are the microcosm reflecting the macrocosm!
Most natural or organic ranges will have roots being placed in ethical companies, so 1 you are supporting the little guy as opposed to big corporations. These smaller unknown companies are often injecting their cash into their product, whereas the bigger company will be supplementing good natural ingredients with harmful chemicals and instead spending more on marketing campaigns – no wonder the product doesn’t have the impact on you that you’re used to. There are many more reasons to make a change, but if this hasn’t convinced you yet then nothing will, change essentially must come from the individual, from inside. Catch you next time as we discuss ‘how to go organic with your hair’.

Love in hair - Jason

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