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Lavender Hydrosol - How to use it


An introduction to Lavender Hydrosol

By Andrea from Mai Co.

Mai Co has recently started making various hydrosols and often get asked 'how do I use this?', so here are a few recommendations..

Lavender Hydrosol is above all a balancer. It balances the dryness or oiliness of skin, reduces tension, settles emotions, calms and uplifts. It works wonderfully to relieve tension, headaches and insomnia. It contains no preservatives.

The Shoporganic Top 5 Organic/Natural Products for 2015

As is our custom here at it is time to reveal the top 5 products which caught our attention in 2015. The choices are based purely on our personal preferences and experiences with the products and the top 5 are given in no particular order. Each year we get sent a wide variety of products to review and each year we find another 5 products which make us smile! So without further ado, below follows our pick of the best for 2015:

A Gentle Approach to Healthy Hair - Book Launch Early 2016

Renee Nicolai

In Early 2016, all our questions about natural hair care are answered! Renee Nicolai of Gentle Approach Salon (and Naturalmente) has finally done what we've all been wishing she would do for years, she's put her wisdom down in written form!