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The Shoporganic Top 5 Organic/Natural Products for 2015

As is our custom here at it is time to reveal the top 5 products which caught our attention in 2015. The choices are based purely on our personal preferences and experiences with the products and the top 5 are given in no particular order. Each year we get sent a wide variety of products to review and each year we find another 5 products which make us smile! So without further ado, below follows our pick of the best for 2015:

A Gentle Approach to Healthy Hair - Book Launch Early 2016

Renee Nicolai

In Early 2016, all our questions about natural hair care are answered! Renee Nicolai of Gentle Approach Salon (and Naturalmente) has finally done what we've all been wishing she would do for years, she's put her wisdom down in written form!

Organic Certification - Why Bother?

Text and image contributed by Bruce Cohen of Absolute Organix. For more, please visit
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Every year around Easter our factory is visited by a rather stern and methodical man named Ralph who represents Germany’s BCS Oko, one of the largest and most respected organic inspection agencies (it certifies 450 000 farms and 1000 businesses like ours around the world).

In the build-up to his visit, Absolute Organix is a flurry of high-adrenalin activity as we rush to ensure that all the documentation around our organic procurement and processing as well our physical production facilities will stand up to Ralph’s laser-beam scrutiny.